Derek Farrell

Lecturer, Trainer, Consultant, Chartered Psychologist, Psychotherapist

Dr Derek Farrell is a Principal Lecturer in Psychology at the University of Worcester (UK), an EMDR Therapy Europe Accredited Trainer and Consultant, a Chartered Psychologist with the British Psychological Society, and an Accredited Psychotherapist with the British Association of Cognitive & Behavioural Psychotherapies (BABCP). He is President of Trauma Aid Europe and Scientific Advisor to the Board of Trauma Aid Germany. Derek has and continues to be involved in several international trauma capacity-building projects in Pakistan, Turkey, India, Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand, Indonesia, Lebanon, Poland, Philippines, Palestine and Iraq. His PhD in Psychology was researching survivor’s experiences of sexual abuse perpetrated by clergy and consequently has written several publications on this subject matter, and presented internationally. In Geneva 2013, Derek was the recipient of the ‘David Servan Schreiber Award’ for Outstanding Contribution to EMDR Therapy. In addition, Derek was also shortlisted for the prestigious Times Higher Education Supplement (TES) Awards (2017) for ‘International Impact’ due to his Humanitarian Trauma Capacity Building work in Iraq with the Free Yezidi Foundation and the Jiyan Foundation for Torture and Human Rights. In June 2018 Derek was also awarded the Trauma Aid Europe ‘Humanitarian of the Year Award, in Strasbourg, France. In June 2020 Derek was awarded the Member of the (Most Excellent Order of the) British Empire (MBE) as part of Queen Elizabeth II Birthday Honours List for services to Psychology and Trauma.


Monday 21 June

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Overcoming the effects of Trauma with EMDR

EMDR stands for Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing. It is a unique, powerful therapy that helps people recover from problems triggered by traumatic events in their lives. It stops difficult memories causing so much distress by helping the brain to reprocess them properly. EMDR is best known for treating post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and it can also help with a range of mental health conditions in people of all ages. EMDR aims to help the brain “unstick” and reprocess the memory properly so that it is no longer so intense.