Efu Nyaki

Professor, Speaker

Euphrasia (Efu) Nyaki was born and raised in Tanzania where she earned a bachelor of science degree, trained as a Science  teacher,  and later on was trained as a healer using holistic methods. Efu is a Faculty Member  of Somatic Experiencing®, and a Professor of Family Constellation System Therapy by Hellinger Institute. In the last 27 years Efu has been living in Brazil facilitating trainings and therapy for trauma healing using Somatic Experiencing® and Family Constellation System Therapy (Generational trauma healing). While living in Brazil,  Efu  has also been travelling in different countries such as India, Egypt, South Korea, China, Bolivia, Peru, Spain, Uruguay, Tanzania, Philippines,  and Hong Kong  facilitating trainings and workshops on different kinds of  trauma healing. Due to Pandemic situation, Efu has been giving international trainings, workshops and individual therapy sessions online. Efu is  a co-founder of AFYA: Holistic Healing Center located in the northeast of Brazil. Afya supports many people from the local community as well as national and international individuals that approaches the center in order to receive support in healing, using different types of natural and holistic healing methodologies.

Monday - 15:45

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Workshop Three - Efu Nyaki

Trauma Healing on the Spiritual Path

When real, physical threats arise, human instincts take over and can create extraordinary feats of focused attention and action. The “awe-full” qualities of horror and terror we can experience at such times share essential roots with profoundly transformative states such as flow, awe, presence, timelessness, and ecstasy as they reach far beyond the limiting mind. The bridging of these states with everyday awareness can be a key feature of spiritual growth and expansion. As we bring awareness to our wounds and gradually access and integrate this energy into our nervous system and psychic structures, we begin to experience greater freedom, expansion and connection to our true self. As we integrate those wounds, the instinctual survival response embedded within trauma can catalyse authentic spiritual transformation. This workshop will help you to understand the relationship between trauma healing and various spiritual states. Discover how to work withaltered states in dealing with the residue of deep trauma.