Holly Perreault


Holly’s recovery, resilience and courage has allowed her to live the life she loves.  Holly is a partner, mother of two adults, coach, and public speaker and advocate.  In 2018, Holly left her leadership job in the tech industry to follow her heart and relocated from the United States to Northern Ireland. Holly will soon graduate from Ulster University with her BSc in Therapeutic Communications and Counselling. Her research project is motivated by her own experience and the belief that it is essential that trauma survivors have choice in their healing including options for a combination of therapeutic and non-therapeutic interventions.

Holly is the Northern Ireland Ambassador for the National Alliance of Adult Survivor of Childhood Abuse.  She co-facilitates the first Adult Survivor of Child Abuse (ASCA) meeting in Northern Ireland and is a Certified Professional Life Coach. Her mission is to set up a multi-disciplinary Trauma Recovery Program in Northern Ireland.

Holly is available for speaking engagements, podcast interviews, blog contributions and interviews.


Wednesday 23 June

Lived Experience Story - Holly Perreault

Holly Perreault is a survivor of childhood sexual and emotional abuse. She first advocated for others at just fourteen years old after suffering years of her own sexual abuse.  At the heart of Holly’s story is the message that breaking the silence is the key to breaking intergenerational cycles of sexual abuse and trauma. Holly shares several personal examples of her own trauma and recovery and what drove her to speak up, choose forgiveness and finally, heal the wounds through a variety of recovery opportunities.  Holly’s hope is that by sharing her story of resilience will empower and inspire those who are suffering in silence. Her belief is finding your voice is the first step to breaking the cycles of abuse and living a life you love.